Did you know that Lufthansa Systems Poland also deals with systems which support processes in logistics?


Find out more and see how we achieved success in projects in themaritime and air transport industry by supporting the biggest carriers.


For nearly 10 years Lufthansa Systems Poland has been creating logistics software supporting business processes of our clients, who are the biggest carriers in the maritime and air transport industry. Systems, which we are working on, enable both operational and commercial services. We specialize ourselves in processes ranging from creating contracts, through ordering and managing fleets of containers, issuing bills of lading to complex systems integrations. While creating modern IT systems, we always have in mind the fulfillment of goals that will bring decisive benefits to our clients.


What are our main goals during the implementation of logistics software?

  • Mapping of existing business processes (most often this is associated with their standardization and simplification around the world),
  • Reducing the risk of potential errors related to communication, the implementation of data or billing, which results in the lowering of costs related to corrections of bills of lading and invoices,
  • Reducing the amount of work needed to handle individual orders in IT systems, and consequently reducing labor costs,
  • Increasing control and better planning of what, when and where needs to be transported (i.a. reefer container resource management or triangulation).
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What challenges do we need to overcome while designing and implementing logistic systems?

  • Taking into consideration specifics of carriers’ requirements related to transport or market positioning,
  • The global aspect of a system – different law regulations (e.g. 24-Hour Rule), time zones and specific requirements of customers around the world, which the system needs to support,
  • Substitution of many IT systems by one global integrated system (legacy systems are often outdated, written in various technologies and unable to support current business processes effectively),
  • Integration with clients’ internal systems (e.g. port and financial systems),
  • Preparing software architecture for very large data volumes,
  • The new software implementation process must include numerous user trainings, transitional phases and legacy system extinction.


What allows us to achieve success during IT systems development for the logistics industry?

  • Excellent knowledge of the logistics industry and digitalization of its business processes, from the technical perspective and  from the point of view of logistics specialists as well,
  • An individual approach to each new topic – from the simplest products to enterprise-scale solutions,
  • An experienced team of motivated specialists working together for a long time,
  • Teams focused on various specialized tasks, both in business and  project support fields,
  • Experience in ensuring communication of various systems such as GT Nexus, Salesforce, SAP, port systems or customs services’ systems and many others.
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What makes us stand out?

  • More than 150 specialists having all competences needed to develop and maintain logistics systems,
  • Experience in managing complex IT projects in an international environment,
  • Culture of agile software development supplemented by a DevOps culture,
  • We are distinguished by our enormous experience in creating middleware and connections with hundreds of different IT systems (e.g. TIBCO, Kafka),
  • We have 24/7 teams which support and maintain environments and software.


The constant challenges, multitude of business scenarios that we have to face and the complexity of this sector, make the work on systems supporting maritime logistics very interesting and developing. We do invite you to cooperate with us.


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