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Since 1998 we are an acclaimed and widely recognized provider of superior services and IT solutions for the aeronautical, logistic and financial industries. Our services support numerous airlines with their safety procedures for the handling of the billions of passengers flying around the world annually.

We not only offer set of IT solutions, but we also produce custom software. The high quality of our work has roots in our considerable experience in many trades joined with our vast knowledge of business processes and a wide variety of utilized technologies.

Our clients appreciate the complexity of our services, involving all stages of producing and testing software. Moreover, we offer the possibility to assert specialist data source, including aeronautical ones, as well as support from our own Data Center and Remote Operations Center which work 24/7. 

Working in Lufthansa Systems Poland gives you the opportunity for comprehensive development through the common implementation of international projects and services in interesting industries such as IT, aviation, logistics and finances.

We take great care in the development of our employees. We do this by establishing dedicated career paths, offering numerous training and coaching programs and last but not least, by helping them to develop linguistic skills.

Finally, we wish to highlight the importance of our processes of implementation by our specialists who are working in a strong and healthy atmosphere with empathy and cooperation. Our employees share their knowledge and gain experience not only with one another but also via public appearances at industry conferences and universities. Many of them later become consultants and trainers.


Safety and quality



Provision of advanced products and services that meet the needs of customers is our main objective.  This includes flexible solutions, the highest level of quality as well as assuring Flight Safety for aviation related products and services.

We are able to achieve this by setting up the environment in which important elements such as: definition of responsibilities, sharing of knowledge, safety culture as well as continuous improvements are established and leaved on a daily basis.

We take care of our own as well as entrusted information by maintaining of appropriate values of their confidentiality, integrity and accessibility.


In order to assure customers satisfaction Quality and Information Security Management System has been established based on the following scope:

  • Software production, development, maintenance and sales
  • IT services is system maintenance and design
  • Services in the area of operational flight planning and preparation of officially required documentation for flight planning
  • Services in the area of aeronautical systems data maintenance and navigation charts


Conformity of our Quality and Information Security Management Systems is proved by the independent assessment carried out by DNV GL. Consequently, we are certified in according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2013.


As a part of Lufthansa Systems we do also cooperate with our counterparts from different locations maintaining common Safety Management System. Our activities focus on close cooperation within common value chain as well as assessment of safety risk. This results in holding of Letter of Acceptance for navigational data maintenance service.