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During the first few hours, apart from BHP training and sightseeing, the participants took part in integration activities. As a degree is not the only factor determining the admission to the Academy, every person has different experiences and views about the activity of the company. Inquisitiveness, analytical thinking and engagement, characterising the participants, occurred to be essential during the communication training and other challenges waiting for them (for example when jointly forming a square from a long rope with their eyes closed, that eventually looked more like a hexagon. However, the fact that there were neither crashes into tables nor meetings with a wall, proved how important cooperation and good management are).



Apart from short trainings in logistics, software development processes and control systems, the participants had an opportunity to take part in a two-day workshop involving programming in Python. After a short introduction and getting familiar with the basics of the language, they became involved in a bit more complicated application – a card game called Blackjack. Although the task was not easy and the time was limited, together they managed to succeed.


One of the most disquieting mysteries was the training in the theory of testing, which was supposed to last for the whole day. Right at 9:00 in the morning, they were divided into three groups and took part in the Marshmallow Challenge, which involved building the tallest construction possible using raw spaghetti and placing a marshmallow on the top. Although the discussions were enthusiastic and there were plenty of ideas, the time and materials were restricted and the groups had to act quick. Most of the teams succeeded, however, everyone admitted that it could have been done better – using specific testing, indeed.



After the theory, developing knowledge in various methods of testing, there was another challenge – revealing the problems of communication between clients and developers. Whether „built” houses fulfilled the standards or not, remains a debatable issue. One thing is certain – without sufficient communication and realization of the project afterwards, no client would wish to live in such a construction.


One of the next interesting experiences was the aeronautical training, during which the participants learnt about the basics of aviation. Although it lasted for over 13 hours, there was still lack of time to explain all of the intriguing issues. Sketching forces acting on an aircraft, a movie showing how to prepare an Airbus A320 for a flight, discovering the history of aviation or an animation about air traveling through an engine – just a few among other attractions waiting for the participants.


One of the last trainings was an introduction to the programming language Java. In order to understand the concepts of classes, methods and hierarchy, the participants received a few problems to solve. More complex issues are going to be discussed during the second stage of the Academy. In the end of the theoretical part, there was an opportunity to learn the basics of analysis of business processes and take part in Middlewareworkshops.


That is how the first stage of the Academy passed. It did not lack challenges or hard focusing, however, it also involved plenty of satisfaction. The participants, undoubtedly, cannot wait to the next days of the training and testing their new skills during the practical part.


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Schedule for the LSYP ACADEMY

1st part (first 2 weeks of July 2016):
Theoretical part for all participants. These participants, who pass the tests, will be assigned to the second part.

2nd part (mid of July until end of September 2016):
We offer three profiles, according to participant’s skills and preferences:
1. Middleware
2. Programming
3. Testing

Further training and training on the job according to one of the three profiles. Participation in projects carried out by our Middleware, Developer and Test Team.

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Trainings and lectures take place from Monday to Friday (full-time).
Recruitment test and interview will be in English.
Application start date: 11.04.2016