In our daily work we are facing a wide range of tasks. We work in the different positions. We are specialists in software, testing, administration and other areas, however we do have more than just working for the same company or exciting field we are working on in common – we are also very active.

We have created the LSYP Active group! We compete in our country and abroad, we take part in triathlons, bicycle racing and many others. In our group you will find people prefer team-sports and those, who prefer to train alone.

Physical activities are the way to accomplish our passions. It's kind of a getaway from everyday’s responsibilities. Sport has a very big role to play both physically and psychologically. We are open for new challenges, spreading out fascination with sports, no matter for the discipline or personal abilities. 

We are waiting for new people to join us. We are planning many new challenges. We are looking for you!

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We are runners - enthusiasts of running! We participate in marathons and we also run over short distances. Each of us is diffrent, but dividing our experience let us discover new possibilities and develop ourselves.

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Our company football team is the oldest sport team in Lufthansa Systems Poland. We play together from 8 years!

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We create group of enthusiasts - we organise bking trips, we compete each other to get the best results and we are motivate to spend our time in an active way.

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Living nearby the Baltic Sea gets us great opportunity for sailing!