Lufthansa Systems Poland is also a producer and provider of software for financial sector.

We are marked by out long experience which is affirmed by numerous references and is based on implementation of various IT projects connected to financial sector.

We provide up-to-date, high-tech, and productive solutions made in accordance to requirements of banks and legal regulations. Therefore, we exploit the newest technologies as well as our specialists’ practical knowledge related to project management, banking, designing and implementing IT systems and information security.

One of the examples of the software made by our specialists is Advanced Reporting System ARES which is a complex solution in the range of obligatory reporting. Additionally, it allows accomplishment of each and every obligatory reporting requirement, with the possibility of establishing them in administrated reporting.

ARES system’s modules

Each type of reporting represents one dedicated module of the ARES SYSTEM which is establishing concerted functions of the whole platform and therefore expands the range of its operation by adding support and service for the specific requirements imposed on the particular reporting.

Advanced Reporting System ARES


FINREP & WEBIS modules

Financial and Monetary Statistic reporting

COREP & LE modules

Own Funds and Large Eposures reporting

LIREP module

Financial Liquidity reporting (LCR, LR, NSFR, AE)

NB300 module

Significant Commitment of banks reporting

BFG module

Reporting to Bank Guarantee Fund

BoP module

Balance of Payments and International Investment Position reporting

XBeRyL tool

Documents generation in XBRL format

Loan Impairment module

Loan Impairment calculation

ESP module

Effective Interest Rate calculation

ESP module

Effective Interest Rate calculation

ESP module

Effective Interest Rate calculation

ESP module

Effective Interest Rate calculation

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