ARES is the up-to-date tool made up using three-layered architecture with the relational data model. The three-layered construction of the system fits all the standards according to requirements of Recommendation D, published by KNF, allowing to separate available system interface from logic of processing and storage of the data.

Imported data source is verified and then during the processing, control reports from the processes’ accomplishment are generated.

The main features of ARES System


Implementation of the newest reporting or specialized modules takes place without any essential changes in the bank’s IT environment.


Installation of the system on the server does not involve installing any extra software on the client’s stations in which result management of the system is easy and transparent.


Control of the availability of individual functions and types of reporting, with the possibility to integrate Single Sign-On mechanism.


The highest effectiveness by dint of multi-layered contracts processing and using all of the available processes of the server.

Consistent user’s interface

The access to all of the functions and types of reporting is available from the simplest internet browser- therefore there is a possibility to switch between different modules without any additional logging into the System.


Elastic solutions with preparing reports from the historical data’s flexibility in order to respond to changing legal regulations.

Collateral work

The faster implementation thanks to functionality of collateral work of many users of the same data.

Data import and export

Optimization of the direct database import with the possibility to provide any data from different databases.

Registration of actions

Saving actions made by users.

Modular architecture

The system has a modular structure which simplifies implementation and usage of the particular reporting packets. Each type of reporting corresponds to particular, dedicated module of the ARES Systems (e.g. FINREP, WEBIS, NB300) which uses the same IT infrastructure and functions of the whole reporting platform as well as expands the range of the actions, adding service of the specific requirements attached to specific reporting.

Reporting range

As a part of obligatory reporting made by financial institutions, ARES Report System is offering the set of supporting modules which help establishing and preparing reports in the range of packets:

Other modules

Calculation modules as a part of the ARES system, expand functions of the software connected to processing and data analysis:

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