ETIS (Enterprise Telemetry Integration System) is a technologically advanced application that allows to centrally store all data collected using telemetry and coming from different systems.

The main functions of ETIS

ETIS collects data coming from measurement devices located in a city heating network reducing them to a unified format to be used in reports and analyses, with the possibility to share collected data with other systems.

ETIS allows for efficient:

System components

Dedicated group of ETIS users

Data sharing with consumers

In addition to the ETIS system, the "e-Customer" application has been created, which offers the functionality of an online Customer Service with the ability to optimize energy consumption.

Thanks to the integration between ETIS and "e-Customer" application, it is possible to provide customers with data stored in the ETIS datawarehouse, which are related to the operation of selected heating network elements.


Comprehensive use of telemetry and integration of collected data allows to:

Complementary software


Administration and optimization of energy consumption.

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