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Software engineering

We create new and maintain existing IT systems in widely recognizable sectors of aviation and logistics. What is important, we are able to support our clients at each stage of software development – from requirements and specification, through designing, prototyping and enhancement, ending with testing, maintenance, integration and consultations.

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Business analysis

When it comes to functionality and the business aspects of computer systems, we are able to identify client's needs. We acquire requirements (both functional and non-functional) or help in their identification, conduct requirement analysis, create and develop existing documentation and evaluate solutions.

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Business sectors

Our long experience enables us to offer services in logistics, aviation and cargo. Nevertheless, we are open to new challenges and cooperation in other sectors.

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We still evolve and introduce innovations in different sectors of our activity. Among others, we focus on:

  •  digitization of knowledge testing processes (QuizIT);
  •  advanced automation of software testing;
  • automation and robotics in the business processes sector.
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Project and service management

In our projects and services, we take advantage of various methodologies:

  •  classic (waterfall);
  •  agile (Kanban, SCRUM):
  •  hybrid.

Our employees combine numerous roles, for example project managers (PM), service managers (SM), SCRUM Masters and many others.

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We are a great team of programmers, analysts and testers, who are willing to share their knowledge and experience. While we cooperate with our clients, we would be happy to welcome new experts in our team!