QuizIT is a web application supporting testing and examinations. It allows to automate a number of activities related to the preparation of test and results evaluation.

Thanks to the QuizIT functionality, users can prepare tests using a variety of question types, adjust the existing tests to the current requirements and create statements and reports on the results.

QuizIT can be used both by schools and universities, as well as by companies to automate tests related to:

  • conducted lectures and training;
  • knowledge management;
  • recruitment.

The basic range of QuizIT functionality.

Various question types to choose from:

  • closed single choice (with the possibility to attach drawings, photos);
  • closed multiple choice (with the possibility to attach drawings, photos);
  • open (descriptive);
  • match (match ready-made answers to questions);
  • fill in blank (fill missing word(s) in a sentence);
  • with the answer in the form of a drawing or descriptive on graphic (e.g. aeronautical maps, technical schematics);
  • with the answer in the form of source code that is checked automatically;
  • with the answer in the form of calculations (mathematical, physical, etc.);
  • fill in table (fill out missing cells in a given table).

Management and organization of tests allows to:

  • create sets grouping tests;
  • create projects grouping test kits;
  • manage projects and test kits;
  • share the prepared test between examiners;
  • define areas of the test;
  • create sets of questions that are used to generate random tests containing questions.

Participation in tests:

  • mobile access;
  • access to the application via a Web browser, both for preparing and managing tests, as well as for examinees;
  • access to the test using a single, unique code (ID), without creating an account in the system;
  • setting a time limit for the execution of the test;
  • real-time test session monitoring.

Tests evaluation:

  • automatic results checking (most types of questions);
  • comments to the ratings;
  • reporting & analysis;
  • monitoring the state of implementation assessments;
  • general reports on the results of tests;
  • detailed reports for assessing the suitability of a specific test questions (e.g.: the report listing the most difficult questions in a test).




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