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Frontend technologies are currently one of the most rapidly growing directions in the IT area. It allows not only to create pleasing to the eye and clear websites, but in the end it also influences user's engagement. Do you want to improve and develop your skills under the wings of experienced Frontend experts? Join Frontend Academy @LSYP and stay with us for longer!

Who are we?

Software for flight planning, mobile applications supporting passenger experience, aeronautical maps – these are only some of the products that Lufthansa Systems offers to its customers. More than 25 years on IT market and more than 750 employees working in our Gdansk office has given us the understanding of challenges and doubts that IT industry is facing nowadays. We are convinced that the most important value is investing in the development of our employees, who work every day to ensure the best quality of the products we offer.
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About our academies

Over the last few years Lufthansa Systems Poland has organized several editions of the academy, which allowed us to create a completely new model of cooperation with potential candidates. Sharing the experience of our experts allows us to quickly introduce a new employee both to the environment and technology in which he or she will work, as well as to their future team. Among the participants of the previous editions, many of them are still working with us today as iOS, Android and Java Developers, Test Automation Engineers or Scrum Masters. Currently we are starting recruitment for the next edition of the Academy – this time focused on frontend technologies, especially React.js.
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Frontend Academy @LSYP

Frontend Academy @LSYP is an intensive 3-month training program, which is addressed to people who have knowledge about web development, want to develop their skills in frontend technologies and are ready to take on new professional challenges. A key element of the course will be practical exercises in building the frontend of web pages, with particular focus on React.js technology – currently the most popular technology for building modern web applications.
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What is worth to mention, the knowledge gained during the training will not only relate to technical skills. We will also show you the specifics of working in Scrum projects, you will get familiar with SAFe method, and you will see how being a responsible member of a team impacts the quality of final project. How do we know this?  Because of years of developing key applications for the aviation industry, which are used by the largest airlines around the world (including Swiss, Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines, or Austrian Airlines).

Frontend Academy @LSYP in a nutshell

Frontend Academy @LSYP is conducted by Digital Delivery Lab – an innovative initiative designed to digitalize Lufthansa Group; 3-month, free training program lasting from April to the end of June, topics primarily focused on React.js technology, but also other front-end solutions (including JavaScript, HTML, CSS), classes will be held remotely (on weekends and selected weekday afternoons) using the equipment and tools in the environment provided by Lufthansa Systems Poland. After completion of the Academy the best participants will be offered a job in Digital Delivery Lab team.
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If you are interested in the IT industry and have experience in frontend technologies such as JavaScript, HTML or CSS – join us! Thanks to Frontend Academy @LSYP you will enter the unique world of IT industry focused on best airline passengers experience worldwide.

About Digital Delivery Lab [DDL]

Digital Delivery Lab is a digitalization center for the Lufthansa Group, established at the Gdansk branch of Lufthansa Systems. Its aim is to search, create and test new solutions that affect the experience of passengers travelling around the world.
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