We live in a time where IT and digitization are becoming increasingly important. We are dealing with digital solutions at every turn – in stores, at work, at home, and also while traveling.


One of the sectors where this process is moving very fast is aviation. At Lufthansa Systems, we are fully aware of the importance of bringing together the know-how of IT experts with the aeronautical knowledge. This is the reason why Technology Center of Excellence (TCoE) was created.

About TCoE

The Technology Center of Excellence (TCoE) defines next level cloud native technologies, architecture blueprints, patterns and standard platforms with tooling. For fast enablements and harmonization of technologies within software projects and products, the TCoE creates, maintains and operates shared services and a multi cloud foundation for its consumers that solve cross-cutting concerns.
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  • Ensure the enablement of the cloud transition while our business needs drive technology;
  • Create technology and services that help our product teams to effectively concentrate on what creates business value;
  • Establish enjoyable experience for the delivery teams and aim to provide Lufthansa Group and our customers with all the expected benefits of the cloud computing characteristics.


TCoE is an organization that brings together experts from different locations (e.g. Poland, Germany, Hungary, and Switzerland). Since we know how important it is to provide the best quality of services, in our teams work highly experienced experts, who have been working for years in both the IT and aviation sectors.


Are you wondering how the services provided by TCoE are divided? Below you will find a brief summary.

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TCoE Architectural Enablement

  • Assessment of current situation regarding cloud adoption;
  • In-depth analysis and recommendation where needed;
  • Whenever specific cross-cutting needs fall in line with TCoE self-services we encourage its adoption and help onboarding of the delivery team;
  • Support on cloud adoption impediments and jointly execute Cloud Native Transformations within the delivery team;
  • Identify suitable DevSecOps strategies.

TCoE Enterprise Shared Services

Enterprise Shared Services are a set of agile delivery teams that create, maintain and operate continuously high-quality technology self-services by doing DevSecOps and Site Reliability Engineering and are empowered to establish services with goal of technology harmonization.


They are one of the pillars for Cloud Native Transformations by solving common problems during a transformation and pillars of our future cloud offering models like „Pick & Choose“, „Open Cloud“ and „Fully-Managed“.


Enterprise Shared Services teams are also responsible for supporting Lufthansa Systems and Lufthansa Group teams by providing those managed self-services for consumption.

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TCoE DevSpace Service

The vision behind DevSpace Service is to enable development teams with a reliable, safe and easy to use self-service.


Among its task are also:

  • Self-service SaaS based platform offerings for Version Control, CI/CD Pipelines, Artifact Repository and Code Analysis;
  • Hands-on consulting to get the best out of our DevSpace offering to enable our product domains to focus on their product;
  • Provide ready to start pipeline templates and tutorials.
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TCoE Observability Service

The idea behind Observability Service is one Monitoring, Logging, APM and Tracing Solution in Lufthansa Systems for faster End to End feedback. It supports proactive problem solving and dynamic scaling and supports the improvement of the visibility and reliability of our operations.

Managed Global Aviation Cloud

The Global Aviation Cloud Managed Cloud is a set of delivery teams that are fulfilling numerous roles such as:


  • 24x7 Cloud Operations disciplines like SysOps, NetOps, SecOps and FinOps;
  • Consultancy for Cloud Onboarding, Cloud Migration and Opportunity Support;
  • Global Aviation Cloud Product & Development;
  • Cloud Infrastructure & License Consultancy;
  • Cloud IT Security and Data Protection Expertise;
  • Cloud Commercial and Controlling Expertise.

Cloud Infrastructure Team’s Expertise

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Sounds interesting?

Since the TCoE initiative is constantly growing, we are currently looking for experts in the following fields: Site Reliability Engineer, (Senior) Software Engineer, Software Architect, and (Senior) Product Owner. If you are interested and would like to try your hand at recruitment process apply via the form.
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