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In a world of distributed systems that share information with each other, there must be something to manage the flow of that data. The solution to this problem is middleware, a type of software that allows communication between different systems and applications. In this type of tool, it is necessary to send messages with proper mapping, take into account the amount of data transferred per second, and much more...


Do you want to take the first step to a career in IT? Join the IT Systems Integration Academy organized by Lufthansa Systems Poland.

About Us

Lufthansa Systems is a leading airline IT provider. Its portfolio covers innovative IT products and services and more than 350 customers worldwide rely on the know-how of IT specialists at Lufthansa Systems. The Gdansk branch of Lufthansa Systems also develops IT services for the logistics industry and solutions in the area of system integration using such approaches as ESB or iPaaS.
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About the Academy

IT Systems Integration Academy is designed for people who are passionate about programming and want to participate in large data integration projects. During the 3-month course, you will learn, among other things, how complex systems are built or what software is used in such projects and how to build and develop connections between systems – and all this under the guidance of experts from Lufthansa Systems Poland, who have been ensuring the best quality of their products for years. By participating in the IT Systems Integration Academy, you will enter the world of technologies such as Java, Kafka, and TIBCO that are commonly used in environments to move hundreds of terabytes of data.
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The training will take place remotely and the program will include both a theoretical part (lectures) and a practical part (mini-projects). Participants will be provided with equipment and work environment.


We offer employment based on an employment contract from the very beginning of the course (i.e. 01.06.2021). Those who successfully complete all training stages, will have the opportunity for further cooperation within specific projects in the middleware area in Lufthansa Systems Poland.


Graduates of previous editions of our academies continue their career path in our IT projects in the fields of logistics, transport and aviation.

Ready for a new adventure?

Join IT Systems Integration Academy and learn the specifics of working in the IT industry. If you are interested in the project and recruitment, apply!
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